Take Back Your Independence With The Overcoming Incontinence Program

Step-by-step expertise to Stay Active, Sleep Better, and Remain Independent.


Does this sound like your story?

One of our favorite clients, Marlee, came to us struggling with incontinence for the past 10 years. She felt like she had tried everything that was available. She had had all kinds of tests, she performed countless kegels, and even had surgery. Sadly her surgery lasted only 3 years, and when it failed her symptoms got significantly worse. Her doctors recommended more medication and a follow-up surgery. She was so frustrated and felt as if she had already exhausted all of her options.

Marlee wanted something that was safe and natural, not more medication and surgery.

She was skeptical at first to try the Overcoming Incontinence Program, but she committed to following the program exactly as it was laid out. To Marlee's surprise and delight, by week 3 of the program she went from going to the bathroom 49 times per day to 9 times per day. This is within normal range! She could not believe the change and said, "I feel like I have taken back my independence."

I am happy to report that Marlee is no longer wearing pads, can make a full trip to the grocery store and back without leaks, and is now looking forward to making the 6 hour drive to visit her son without having to stop at every town on the map from her house to his.

How did she do this? She committed to following the program exactly as it was laid out. Her results may not be typical of everyone, but each week she took what she learned, tracked her progress, and stacked the changes that made a difference into her life.

This is what you deserve. You should be able to stay active, sleep better, and regain your independence.

The 6-Week Program

  • Online program: Use your phone, tablet, or computer
  • Easy to follow video lessons delivered weekly
  • Printable handouts to help you succeed with each week's lesson
  • Reduce leaks and get back to activities that you love

What You Get With the Program

20 Video Lessons Over 6 Weeks

Each video is packed with the information, exercises, and tips you need to reduce leaks. We also give them to you in the exact order for you to be the most successful!

10+ Printable Guides

Print out the accompanying guide for each lesson so you can remember exactly what exercises and techniques to do throughout the week.

A Proven Step-by-Step Process

This is the exact process we use with individual patients in our women's health specialty clinic. Take the same pathway as other women who have overcome incontinence.

Unlimited Access

Want to review something we talked about? Review, print, and always have access to the videos, program material, and bonus content. We are always adding new information and content to help you stay leak-free.

What Women Are Saying About Their Results

In This Program You Will Learn:


Determine Your Type of Incontinence, Patterns and Irritants

Knowing where you are starting from is always the first step. You will discover the type of incontinence you have, learn how to record information on your bladder diary, and then use that information to identify patterns, triggers, and irritants. We even include a printable bladder diary for you to use over the next few days!


Create a Healthy Bathroom Routine

Learn how your bladder and bowel should function, what healthy bathroom routines should look like, and the common mistakes women make that limit progress. You will learn what to stop and what to start, and how to train your bladder to work for you instead of against you.


Getting a Better Night's Sleep

Are you missing out on restful sleep because of bladder symptoms and leaks? This is the most common complaint from our patients. Learn here what healthy sleep patterns should look like, the 10 factors that can interrupt a restful night, and the steps to take to reduce night time symptoms.


How to Maximize and Balance Your Core System to Reduce Leaks

Your bladder is only a small piece of the larger core system. The way you breathe, stand, and use your core muscles can directly affect your bladder symptoms. Learn here how to put all the pieces together to maximize your system and reduce leaks.


It's Pelvic Floor Time

We have all heard that kegels are the best exercise to do to reduce symptoms...but are they? This week you will learn what kegels are, how to perform one correctly, why about 50% of women should not do kegels, and how to determine what type of pelvic floor exercises are best for you. Hint: there are more exercises than just kegels.


Get Your Abs and Glutes On Board

Now that your breathing and pelvic floor are maximized and coordinated, it's time to get your abdominals (stomach muscles) and glutes (butt muscles) to start doing their part. The pelvic floor and gluteal muscles are best friends, so getting one activating well only helps the other. Learn here the best ways to incorporated abdominal and glute strengthening to protect your pelvic floor and reduce symptoms.

Plus...this bonus!

WEEK 7 Return to Walking and Activity Safely Staying active is important for all aspects of your health and quality of life. No matter what level of activity you want to return to, the principles presented here are the same. Learn how to return yourself safely to activity and use interval training to get there.

The Overcoming Incontinence Program is led by Dr. Anne Madden

Doctor of Physical Therapy: Anne Madden PT, DPT approaches solving physical problems, including incontinence, through whole body solutions. Every piece of the body is connected, and especially with incontinence, multiple factors contribute to the problem. Anne has undergone extensive professional education in women’s health, and she is a certified pregnancy and postpartum corrective exercise specialist. 

Anne is sought after for her efficient, effective, and personalized approach to restoring people to health. She personally understands pelvic floor and incontinence symptoms after suffering significantly from incontinence and prolapse symptoms after the birth of her daughter. She is now able to run over five miles leak free, prolapse symptom free, and able to return to a carefree active lifestyle.

Anne is the founder and owner of Proximity Telehealth, an online speciality care clinic that helps women overcome incontinence so they can stay active, sleep better, and remain independent. This program is the culmination of over 15 years practicing as a Doctor of Physical Therapy and her expertise in implementing a step-by-step process to help women live leak free.

What Women Are Saying About Anne

  • Anne is lovely and the videos are so easy. ~ Kacey
  • Anne is incredibly knowledgable, easy to talk to, and professional. ~Emily
  • She was convenient, effective, and a joy...I wish I had worked with Anne after my pregnancies. She is SO good! ~Kelly

This Program Can Save You Over $5000. Here's how...

Incontinence Care Items

$900 / year

It is estimated the average adult with incontinence spends over $75 per month on the absorbent pads, protection, and laundry.

Medical Consultations & Care

$4800 / year

Specialty medical appointments can cost over $400 per hour. Through this program you have exclusive access to expert advice with over 6 hours of video content.

Start the Overcoming Incontinence Program Today

  • The 6-Week Comprehensive Program ($499 value)
  • Bonus material: Safely Getting Back to Activity ($99 value)
  • Lifetime access to program and material (including all new content added)

ONLY $149 $598

We are confident and proud of the results women have with our Proximity Telehealth Overcoming Incontinence Program. However, if you aren't completely satisfied within 30 days we'll give you a full refund!


How is this different from other programs?

First, this program is a combination of behavioral changes, lifestyle modifications, AND exercises. We know that this comprehensive approach is how our clients are reducing symptoms long term. Second, this program was designed by a women's health specialty physical therapist. We took what is already successful during our one-on-one treatment sessions and packaged it conveniently for your use at home.

Do I have to lose weight or exercise every single day for this to work?

No. Losing weight is not a focus in this program because in our daily practice of working with women, weight changes make minimal difference in reducing symptoms. We focus on incorporating exercises and awareness into your current daily activities. We encourage daily exercise but it is not a requirement to be successful. The provided exercise routines in our program are 15 minutes in length.

Is this an exercise program?

Yes and No. Incontinence can be caused by many different factors. It is important to know what type of incontinence you have and the underlying factors to determine the best exercises. The first two weeks of the program are to help you determine what category you are in and all the non-exercise factors that can contribute. Exercises start during week three of the program.

What is your refund policy?

Every package includes a 30-day money back guarantee. If you're not loving it by then, just contact us for a no-questions-asked refund. 

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A Personal Message From Dr. Anne Madden

I am always excited when women who have struggled with symptoms for years take control and commit to overcoming incontinence. Women who started exactly where you are sitting today are now back to the activities they love, sleeping better, and staying independent. With this program you will gain the freedom and independence you deserve. I am happy and thankful to be part of your journey!


Dr. Anne Madden, PT, DPT